Importance of Helping Others: Deep Truths Revealed

importance of helping others

We rarely think about the importance of helping others. Product of selfishness and a focus on living in the pleasures of life, we ignore the implications of helping someone.

Many people assume that helping others is a job that we do for the benefit of other people only, and that one does not really gain anything. For this reason, little is helped.

We do not see how helping can truly benefit every single person, and I am not just talking about the feeling of gratification that we already know, I am talking about deep and lasting benefits that we will explain later.

Before we carry on, allow me to answer the main topic of our post.

Why is it important to help people? Helping others is important because it largely determines our personal evolution, and, it causes us to expand beyond our body and mind, making us capable of experiencing life through many eyes. This makes us more aware and more conscious beings.

An important point is that, in reality, most prefer to spend their time doing things that bring immediate benefits, which cultivates extremely selfish minds.

In this article I want to share with you a different way of understanding the meaning of helping others, I think that we do not realize the profound true meaning and the implications that helping those in need has in our lives.

If we knew, I am convinced that we would all do more to help those around us.

I will leave below a helpful article of the New York Times that will provide additional and helpful information regarding this matter: The Science of Helping Out

benefits of helping others

How do people help each other?

When we think about helping others, and how we think about the good that we do or that we can do for others, we see it as a merely external action in most cases.

We assume that the best way to help others is not to expect anything in return, to help only with the intention of doing good, only because it is important to help others according to what they have told us, not because we have internalized the essence and the true meaning.

We know that many people help for selfish reasons, such as hoping to collect the aid later, out of commitment, to look good with others; and still others, help with the goal of redeeming wrongdoings from the past.

Few people actually take a deep dive into the process of helping others and the implications.

We have to understand that simply having the opportunity to help others is a great benefit.

The benefit of helping those in need

Having the opportunity to help other people is life giving us the possibility to elevate our lives above selfishness, it is a priceless opportunity to learn how to expand our consciousness and see beyond ourselves, as I said before.

The truth is that the person who gets the most out of helping in the process of helping is the one who is providing the help. Think of the times you have helped with the most noble intentions.

Analyze what happened within you, think about how that particular moment in which you could experience happiness through the eyes of another person transformed yourself.

Remember how, in an instant, you became more grateful for what you had, and a more sensitive and perceptive human being.

You may even think about how this moment motivated you and oriented you to do more good to others.

As a consequence of one or several similar experiences, you have become a better person, more grateful and with a higher level of consciousness, which allows you to see what is really important.

Some Benefits of helping others listed

  • Personal growth
  • Becoming more compassionate
  • Empathy
  • Experiencing happiness through someone else’s eyes
  • Becoming grateful for what we have
  • Awareness
  • Becoming Wiser
  • Less suffering in the world
  • Understanding life cycles in a deeper way
helping others when you need help

The importance of helping others is beyond gaining something in return

Many people help with their minds set on rewards, they are only thinking what they can get. That state of mind will only cause pain to oneself.

Whenever you get the opportunity to help from now on, thank life for that possibility, and always help with the awareness of not expecting anything, not even a thank you, since in reality we are already receiving enough.

You are receiving the greatest chance ever: To become better, to evolve, to expand.

In most cases, we hope to receive at least a thank you, or some other sign of gratitude.

Think of the times you helped and did not get signs of gratitude from the one being helped, probably the feeling of help turned into anger and contempt for the person, thinking: “what’s the matter with that guy?”, “not even a thanks?”, “I never should’ve helped him in the first place”

I now ask you…

What happened to the feeling of helping without expecting anything?

It evaporated, in effect, the help you gave lost its value, since from that moment, probably, your mind will only seek to help people who show you gratitude.

If we carry on with this process we will become judges, and we will decide who will be worthy of our help.

Help, which must be something that is given unconditionally, will be based on selfish judgment.

This evil is very notorious in the world, it doesn’t matter if we speak about individuals,communities or countries; our judgments limit our ability and far from helping, they create conflict, division and suffering in the world.

Doing things for others is not enough

Now that we’ve analyzed the depth of what help really means, you know that doing things for others without the proper state of mind is not enough.

We need to change from within and embrace the deep bond that is being generated when we help.

Whenever you get the chance to provide aid to someone, look inside and pay attention to your thoughts. Try to identify what is moving you towards helping.

If you notice selfishness, or you caught yourself expecting something in return, try to remember what you are reading now, I promise, it will change the way you help people.

why is doing good deeds important

How to help people beyond selfishness?

When you help, help others knowing that you will never know what they are suffering from inside. We are only seeing a reflection on the outside, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We do not think that there are many people who suffer for things that we cannot imagine. A lot of people didn’t have had the opportunity to learn the value of gratitude.

Perhaps this as a result of having been victims of countless contempt and humiliation.

People who have lived in this way, unfortunately, does not know gentleness or compassion.

The importance of understanding others in order to help them properly

Many people who are apparently ungrateful, suffer the devastating evil of ignorance, this evil is what makes them act in a bad way, since they involuntarily make noble people turn away and turn their backs on them.

Ignorance is so powerful that it even hides its effect from one’s own mind, which is none other than living in a permanent state of suffering.

However, one who is truly noble and wise concentrates on helping these types of people. This feat requires a lot of will power, understanding, compassion and selflessness.

He who helps these people is able to live in an even greater state of happiness, since he loses selfishness, which is the greatest cause of suffering in the world.

Becoming a Person who really helps those in need

Always remember that helping is an opportunity for you, always help without expecting anything, knowing that your real reward is helping yourself.

Strive to be a person who helps others no matter the circumstances.

It does not matter if they thank you or insult you, at all times try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to try to understand, even a little, their reality, and above all, be grateful for everything you have.

And remember, before helping someone it is important to help yourself. Living in this way brings us a greater happiness than any object or comfort can provide.